Local Physio in Balgowlah

Balgowlah Physiotherapy is your doctor’s first choice for physio in Balgowlah.


  • We communicate directly & promptly

  • We have access to My Health Record

  • We provide immediate pain relief to clients

  • We have digital access to local radiology images & reports

  • We hold post-graduate qualifications in Spots Physiotherapy, a highly regarded degree

Sydney Road Family Medical Practice.png

sydney road family medical practice

  • Dr. Ethan An

  • Dr. Cathie Anderson

  • Dr. Karen Avory

  • Dr. Ivor Burfitt

  • Dr. Helen Chriss

  • Dr. John Delaney

  • Dr. Derek Hadwen

  • Dr. Nikki Heginbotham

  • Dr. Alma Jackmann

  • Dr. Sylvia Joseph

  • Dr. Alexandra Mole

  • Dr. Deirdre O’Dea

  • Dr. David Ross Smith

  • Dr. Tim Sutherland

  • Dr. Xian Xu

Balgowlah Family Practice.png

balgowlah family practice

  • Dr. John Carmody

  • Dr. Maria Carmody

  • Dr. Richard Coles

  • Dr. Ashley Collard

  • Dr. Denise Ierino

  • Dr. John Duffy

  • Dr. Kim Duffy

  • Dr. Joanne Mar

Balgowlah Village Medical Practice.png

Balgowlah village medical practice

  • Dr. Genevieve Locke

  • Dr. Nav Madan

  • Dr. Deborah Gilbert

  • Dr. Gail Weiner


We have strong local ties to these medical centres, however we are non-exclusive. We are happy to see clients with GP at other medical practices.


Balgowlah Physiotherapy is located in very close proximity to all three of these medical centres. Find us at